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Who am I? What do I do? Why do I do it? Why? Because.


Going in search of his dreams.


If you’re already on this blog, it’s probably because you’ve heard about me. In good or bad, it does not matter to me. I will introduce myself to you, show you I am, why I do all this.


To set out to conquer the planet, a path full of pitfalls, is my destiny.


My name is Cédric. I was born on the 15th of May 1993. I am 23 years old when I wrote this page and my departure. I leave a computer school and currently holds the Master 2 (Bac + 5) as an architecture in systems and networks.

I love photography (, music, computer science, adventure, challenge.


I was lucky enough to have parents who like to travel, which I think very much motivated me for this trip. During my life I had the chance to do a lot of traveling which looked for a good beginning experience.


If I set out today to conquer the world by bike, it is simply because it is for me the only opportunity of my life to realize this dream, because yes, it is a dream, because I ‘ Finished my studies and I no longer have any work (due to the preparation of the trip and the end of my contract).


I plan to leave from January 15, I leave you 4-5 months to buy all the equipment, update my vaccines and prepare my roadmap.


At the moment I have no fixed itinerary, only my legs know where I would go, it is a bit of the advantage of cycling: from where on wants. But for the moment a goal: from Paris, take a tour of Europe and Asia to finish in India.


If I also do this, it is also surely also for me, to prove that when one wants one can, the affinity to silence certain people who can doubt the capacities of each. Adventure, camping, cabins in the woods, all this is a kind of experience that acquired throughout his youth if over is a minimum interested, which is my case.


On a lifetime, why waste your time and not fulfill your dreams?