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The rules

“The golden rule is that there are no golden rules.”


So no I was not talking about the problem that knows all the girls but the rules that I set up all along my route which can also serve as advice, that I am in practice as soon as a problem comes up!



  1. Do not roll into mud.
  2. Do not leave your bottles / bottles out (where even in a barn / cave / garage) not very cool weather.
  3. Do not change gear on an ice sheet.
  4. Do not follow ALL Google Maps routes for cycling.
  5. Do not do the con in the snow if on a badly tied his shoes.
  6. Do not forget to be careful when going down the bike when you have the headphones in your ears.
  7. Do not forget to secure his phone in his support.
  8. Do not believe that all dilapidated houses are abandoned.