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Departure on J -200

What if we did things right for once?

The first time I wrote an article about a departure was on August 12, 2016, for my ParisHong Kong Kathmandu of 2017.

Today, if I write a new one, it is to tell you that I’m leaving for a “light” trip from Paris to Tallinn, which is currently the city where I live now for more than a year.

The start is therefore set for 1 June 2020 (normally), for a period of 2-3 months for a distance of about 5 600 km across Europe.

Equipment level I plan to leave with almost the same as the last trip (same bike for example), but with some new accessories that I could buy / exchange when I returned to France (saddlebags, handles, …).

For the course, I think to go through the following countries:

  • France (amazing right?) ;
  • Luxembourg ;
  • Belgium ;
  • Netherlands ;
  • Germany ;
  • Denmark ;
  • Sweden ;
  • Potentially Norway ;
  • Finland ;
  • Then Estonia.

After, just like my first trip, between the starting point and the point of arrival, anything can happen and / or change!

Thanks to the experience gained, I know that they are the mistakes not to redo (like leaving a January 15 or leave with about 25 Kg too ..).

As soon as I have something more specific, I’ll try to share it with you! I will also try now more often the blog up to date (I speak once I’ll be gone) with photos but mostly videos!

See you soon !

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