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Day 120 – Border Police

Yesterday I had an eventful day, very eventful.

The day had been a great start with a beautiful weather, but I also had the chance to test the police from the Romanian and Hungarian borders for the simple reason that I passed by a road where the border is closed.

I do not know how they found me knowing that there were no cameras around the fence I crossed, so I suspect the premises have “swung” me.

In short, before I was arrested, I had an appointment in a small village where I was supposed to eat at the parents of my host, then to see a dance show in Arad, where I am now.

So basically, having traveled 20 kilometers in Romania, a van of the Romanian customs stop me and take me to the border that I passed illegally where the Hungarian customs also awaited me. After explaining that I followed my GPS, I found myself once again in the Romanian van to go to the main border post in Gyula, the city from which I had left.

Mine of nothing, I was offered a full meal and drinking with the rest of the team while watching The Visitor 3 and Transcendence!

After they filled the “excuse word” for me, when it was up to me to do it, we left again at the border, in Elek to find the Hungarians. After several minutes of negotiations between the two countries, I understand that I am fined € 60 for “offense to Hungary” and I now find myself in the Hungarian van in direction of their post.

On the other hand, I did not have the same hospitality as in Romania, because I had the right to a search of my phone (fortunately, I had 2% battery) and the right not to be free”. The threat of an appeal to the French embassy. Because yes, apparently I was not in jail, but I could not freely walk around my bike outside the compound. So after “threatening” to use my joker, I had the right to go out to the station opposite but under escort to be sure that I leave the country.

So yes, finally, I took the train from Lökösháza to Arad because I had no choice. So I stayed two hours waiting for my train under close surveillance.

Once on the train, we stayed at the pier for long minutes while the customs officers checked the papers of everyone. Once left, rebelote, control, but on Romania this time. After 1h30 of train, here I am at Arad!

Result of the day: 30 km

I am since yesterday and until tomorrow morning in an apartment of a friend to the person I contacted by WarmShowers and whom I have to find in Timisoara tomorrow night, where I got the right to food! From the hospitable Romanian hospitality > Hungarian!

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