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Day 130 – Surprise party

I think I spent one of my most wonderful weeks since I left because of the number of different activities I did.
Before arriving in Timisoara, I was in Arad, after my “frontier” story, where I spent my birthday there. Because yes, I celebrated my 24 years on the road.

So I arrived at my current city after 55 kilometers to pedal while taking my time. After all it took place extremely quickly thereafter. I will try to summarize easily my week:

  • Visit of a cave aboard an inflatable boat with wild camping from the second evening,
  • From rafting the next day,
  • Research and exploration of an abandoned bunker,
  • Jumping into a lake and hurting myself by wanting to jump from a tree,
  • Learned to play ukulele,
  • Concert of a famous group from here,
  • Still camping wild one evening in the “Black Forest” of Timisoara,
  • Enormous beers consumed.

But the must, was to get tattooed by a friend of the person with whom I camped the other night! Indeed, in the evening before camping, we went to pick up a bit of merchandise and so I met this friend, who was so happy to see for the first time a person who travels like me, who offered me the opportunity to make me tattoo. Obviously I could not / did not want to refuse, so I am now tattooed with a new tattoo!

My tattoo is a ukulele, because I learned to play it and it was an opportunity to thank the “country” for that.

Tomorrow, I shall leave for Belgrade, having a house just for me waiting for me there.

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