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Day 139 – A well deserved break

I arrived a few days ago in Borca, where I intend to sit for some time, having a house for myself (thank you Branis!) For the time I want. So, I will be able to take care of all the photos, videos and other projects in progress in peace!

Besides, speaking of a project, I am enormously active. One can quote the writing of my book (SURPRISE!), The video editing of my last countries, the publication of my photos, the preparation of my future trip (yes, I go ahead this time , A little too much), the creation of multiple websites, the development of a future big firm (hopefully), ukulele learning and so on.

I am and I would be off for several days to do as many things as possible.

Apart from that, I had a new issue in the newspaper of the Republique of Seine-et-Marne, thank you Laetitia for the 4 months of my trip.

Also, I will have to change my wheel (s), having noticed a crack beginning everywhere on the rear, it was not planned but it is things that happen!

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