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Day 53 – “Allo maman bobo”

Yesterday was a “short” day in distance (good I still made 75 km) but long in the evening! Actually with my CouchSurfeuse, we went to a bar / box where we were able to karaoke singing “Voyage Voyage”. Obviously alcohol was present and I think I drank 4 beers as well as 2-3 shooters. It was not as much as in Mainz, but just as fun!

On the way to my host I also came across two new Urbex spots that were not planned at all but that did me great!

Result of the day: 75 km

Today was a very good day with 110 km (I think a little more) on the counter! What makes me arrive in Berlin as expected! I am now at a friend’s house in Switzerland and I thank you for staying here for a few nights so that I can discover the city and rest a little.

On the way to his house, I made a superb fall and comes out with some breakages:

  • Pants a little torn
  • Wind / rain cut a little torn
  • GoPro support broken
  • Handle a bit twisted (I think, I’d check that tomorrow)

After I may have other impacts, but I would only see that tomorrow now. I apparently fell well, because a German asked me if I wanted an ambulance, so it had to be “violent”. Too bad I was not filming at that time ..

Result of the day: 110 km

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