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Day 69 – Witamy w Polsce

69 like 96 but upside down, like a number between 1 and 100 and like many other things.

Since yesterday I am now in Poland where I slept at CouchSurfers (to change) in Zielona Góra. I will only tell yesterday, because the one before is less interesting except for the fact that I would like to thank the team of “Die Fahrrad Füchse” present at Fürstenwalde who were super efficient for the change of my door -bag front without who I would not be here!

Result of the day: 62 km

To get back to the day before, I made my first steps in Poland! There is already a radical change between Germany and here, beginning with the state of the roads and the absence of bike paths. Moreover, always in search of abandoned places, I add a little rule: do not believe that all dilapidated houses are abandoned, this will avoid falling face to face with the occupants.

Otherwise small “surprise”, they do not take the euro here! It seems logical for some, but since I do not prepare anything (surely the side adventure or the weak side) it is not. The blow of life seems very weak here, when you see that I took a big pack of cereals, two big pastries and a soda for 3-4 €.

On the way to my host, I was accosted by a man, nice at first but insisting that I want to sleep at home in the evening, offer me a bath and wash my clothes. I do not know if it’s “normal” here, but in any case it was a good first meeting, knowing that he offered me a perfume and a little money!

In the evening we ate with my hosts a Polish dish, Pierogi. These are “species” of pasta with cheese, meat or other inside that was pretty good! I also obviously tasted the Polish beer and we played some pool parties.

For today I intend to make two-three urbex spots, such as a castle, a church and a ghost town, as it would seem that Poland has many abandoned places.

Result of the day: 85 km

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