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Day 94 – And now the snow

After spending 4 days in Brno, I took the road in the direction of Vienna located “only” 120 km away.

During this short break, I was able to visit the city of course, but above all do a good deed by cooking for the homeless with my CouchSurfer in a village church.

This morning, I left my host to pedal, before leaving Brno, I went through a music store to finally buy a bag for the ukulele. After the purchase, I tapped all day of the snow, also more rain.

I have nevertheless traveled a superb distance and I am quite proud of myself.

For tonight, I am in Ledcine, where I spend the last night in the Czech Republic before Austria. And since I like burgers, I slightly cracked as I took one ..

Result of the day: 65 km

In parallel, I am designing a project for the adventurers you are, in collaboration with Amaury, one of the artists, but especially one of my friends.

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