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Day 90 – Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health

Yesterday’s day was very hard for me, as the day before yesterday with a lot of undulating terrain. On the other hand, the difference compared to the other days is the fact that I knew where to sleep! I found myself in Havlíčkův Brod at my second WarmShowers!

With my host, I can tell you that we drank so much to the point of having a black hole (still) right after the 8th glass of beer. We’ll say we had a good night!

Result of the day: 51 km

Today, I regained a “normal” rhythm with a hundred kilometers on the counter despite the road. That’s why I’m back tonight in Brno, in a hotel in the middle of the city that did not find a roof quickly enough. I intend to stay here a few days, and I may have found someone to sleep with.

Before arriving here, I had the chance to attend a GP course on the city circuit, being 5 meters from the track!

Gastronomy level, I stayed simple by taking a MacDo lunch and a KFC for the evening, well balanced meals!

Result of the day: 108 km

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