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Day 88 – 3000 kilometers

Well, on is not going to lie, you soon realized that I spent the 3,000 kilometers in total. In fact, I crossed them the day I arrived in Prague but good, better late than never!

Yesterday was a very short day distance level, with only about thirty kilometers. It’s just the fact that I stayed up to 4 pm at Todd to rest a maximum of time, but mostly to watch the rain stop.

On the way to my destination of the evening, nothing particular except the fact that I again hit the wind. Just before arriving Mirošovice, I was lucky enough to come across the open which offered me a bottle of water and a bottle of orange juice for the trip!

I also managed to break my tail light because of my anti-theft that was badly secured on my back pannier, but nothing serious, I put a bag on! #MacGyver

For the evening, the first comfort in the guest room where I stopped. It was a large apartment with a jacuzzi! So, I took the opportunity to chill a little bit after the burger I ate just before.

Result of the day: 31 km

Today’s day was very complicated … but only because of the road! On the fifty kilometers traveled, I had to type 70% of coast, I do not tell you the fight .. At 11 o’clock I also had the right to a good rain, but for the moment I Am sheltered under a shelter bus the time that it calms down.

Soon after being repaired, I came across a person who invited me to eat lunch! During the meal, I had the address of two castles on my way (I’m heading towards Brno now to continue on Vienna after). The first was not interesting because it was under renovation. For the second, it is not accessible, the more I sleep in the city where it is present, in Zruč nad Sázavou!

Result of the day: 53 km

And as a bonus the video of Poland!

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