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Day 100 – A hundred days later ..

It’s been 4 days since I’m in Vienna (or 5, I’m starting to lose count as the days go by .. and I think I’ve had time to visit a big part of the city

For the first two nights, I came across a young couple with whom I shared (at least with the husband) the gym of his school, bike rides, photo walks, but mostly a lot of beer. With his wife, we also played a lot of board games including one that particularly me and I did not know: Catan.

The rest of the stay I managed to find great guides to walk around the city and discover many impressive places such as Schönbrunn Palace, many churches / cathedrals and others.

I also know that I am very late in publishing some tricks (country profile of Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and now Austria), but it is mainly because I am working on a real project That you should soon discover (at least before the summer it was sure).

Tomorrow I go back to Bratislava, with a little well-deserved rest. As for this night I was a little cracked, they took me a good hotel to recharge the batteries, afterwards I will try to reduce my budget considerably!

In any case, Vienna is a beautiful city that I recommend with great pleasure!

As a bonus, I had the right to a new issue in the newspaper of the Haute-Marne just like the monthly bulletin of my city.

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