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Day 107 – Still in the same place, companions, newspaper, camping

Above all, I apologize for this article which is going to be written as a foot, being in the tent and having the laziness to make a great effort at the level of writing.

There are many things to say so!

So yes, I’m still in Vienna for an indefinite period (there’s a big night on Friday or Saturday night, so I’ll try to stay up there). In a week, I could do a lot of things!

This week, I camped 15 km from here and finally enjoy the good weather even though from 2 to 10 in the morning, it has not stopped raining.

The last two nights, I found myself in a youth hostel (the first since my departure) in order to develop the famous project thoroughly by taking advantage of electricity and internet in unlimited.

Last night, at this inn, I met two Germans on a bicycle tour of Europe. After discussing together, I made the decision to accompany them for about twenty kilometers the next morning.

So today, I traveled a total of about 60 kilometers after having accompanied my “colleagues” and walked along, broad and across Vienna. After having “abandoned” I went back to where I swallowed a good part of the day before returning to the hostel squatter the wifi and electricity.

For this evening, I find myself once again in the tent, but this time on the island in the middle of Vienna hidden in the middle of the woods! I was able to make a little barbecue, but as a moron, I forgot to take a baguette, suddenly it was sausage nature.

By the way, I had a new issue in the Haute-Marne newspaper! So I thank Estelle for making an article about my progress! Tomorrow, I will make a summary page of all my publications in the media if I have the motivation.

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