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Day 113 – Good morning Slovakia

I think this week is the first time I could have slept so much. I’m talking about a dozen hours in about 96 hours, because every night I was with Amaury coding a new project that I would not talk about.

In short, to summarize: code, code and code.

I stayed almost every night at the hostel I know as my pocket now, going through a CouchSurfing from time to time.

As I said last time, I stayed in Vienna longer than I expected, because I had a Drum And Bass (Mainstream DnB) night, named Mainframe. So obviously, I had a lot of fun and enjoyed a maximum because I do not know when the opportunity will come again!

Today I am in Bratislava, where I managed to find a CouchSurfeuse for the night. I pedaled extremely well (at least, I find), rolling along the Danube and having a wonderful time. On the road, I could admire a beautiful bunker, but also the famous castle of Bratislava. Only one day in the country, I took the opportunity to drink a local beer, but also a dish: a bryndzové halušky.

Tomorrow I think I’ll camp if the weather is good enough, knowing that I have to be in Romania in less than 4 days.

Result of the day: 72 km

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