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Day 117 – Camping, Budapest, meetings

Since I left Bratislava, I stayed almost on the EuroVelo 6 until Budapest.

On this road from France to Greece, I would never have thought of meeting so many people. I mean to meet two groups of French at two hours’ intervals exactly in the same place.

For the first group, consisting of two French people, a Canadian and a very nice baby, when we met, it was time for meal, so we naturally ate together to discuss and share our trip. They have been on the road since January 14, 2016 and have been traveling throughout Europe since that time!

After the resumption, in the same place where I met the first group, here is a new group of French with whom the exchange was brief since we were all a little pressed. In the evening, I slept at the hotel a few miles away.

Result of the day: 84 km

The next day, when I left Györ, I came across a couple of Americans in the direction of Budapest, so we went about fifty kilometers to their hotel. We were able to share the meal, but also beers obviously! The same evening I slept only about fifteen kilometers in the tent in the middle of a field.

Result of the day: 72 km

Today I saw almost nobody, having left EuroVelo 6 to cut across the country by taking a much more dangerous route to Budapest as soon as possible. The day was very hot with a sky clear enough to pick me a few sunburns. For the evening, I find myself at the hotel again to recharge my batteries.

For tomorrow no idea what I am doing, wanting to visit a little Budapest, but mostly tried to make urbex having really impressive places here.

Result of the day: 75 km

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