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Day 211 – Finally, the recovery

Starting tomorrow I go back on the road, after a very big (too) big break in Serbia. I do not regret this choice, car that allows me to live with the Serbs, to see their way of life, to do, to share and to support me in my choice not to live in France later seeing a real difference between we.

In three months, I was able to learn how to live like a Serb, managing burettes and drinking an incredible amount of pivos (beer).

But like all the good things to do, I had my goodbyes seen by those who trusted me, who welcomed me as their sons, their brother in order to pursue my adventure. I have met incredible, wonderful even. I can assure you that I had a heart-stroke.

An escort is sure, I would come back here and I even plan to take a piece of land, because once you’ve tasted the country, it’s really complicated to come back to France.

Tomorrow I plan to leave in the morning in the direction of Sofia, with for but to join Istanbul within 2-3 weeks for me to the scale of Marcin waiting for me so you can continue the whole road.
Anyway I really want to thank all the people I’ve met since the beginning, car without them, my adventure would not be so fun.

This article is really short despite the fact there are a lot of things to tell about what I have experienced here, I think I catch up on the next that will appear, I do not know at all when, having no idea of ​​the approach Times I have internet.

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