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Day 203 – “Welcome to Tomorrowland”

Many of you want to have news about my trip, the last article dating back more than a month. So what has happened since the last time? We will make it simple: because of / thanks to the world famous festival: Tomorrowland.

What is Tomorrowland? Why and have been? Comment? Or? How many?

To put it simply, Tomorrowland is one (festival of festivities “festival” in two weekends) which takes place from Thursday morning to Monday morning.

I went there because it is not every year what you want, but especially that I went with my teammate who also came this year. The festival is located in Belgium in Boom, close to Brussels.

After spending the night before, we left early in the morning aboard two cars (being six to come) for a journey of about 4 hours. Once there, we enter Dreamville, a “city” in the city where there is a multitude of snacks, various shops, and even a LIDL! In the heart of the “downtown” is even presented a scene named “The Gathering” allowing the people present the first evening to attend the foretaste of the following days. When we arrive at the campsite, we have to look for a location for a six person tent and I can tell you that it took a pack of time to find the place, since we are loaded like mules with the bags. Once the place was found, we set up the tent in record time for a team who had never set up a six-seater tent, especially a tent that no one knows!

In short, once we set up, we went to make a slight visit of the “quarter”, taking advantage of buying souvenirs like caps, but that I lost since the first evening being a little too tired and having spent two hours To find my tent, to be alone at that time since I lost my group on the way back. So I do not know what happened during the laps of time.

For the rest of the weekend, I can tell you that everything was magical, the scenery just as superb as each other, 17 scenes, artists by ten, music everywhere, an atmosphere that you can find rarely elsewhere, People in the wrong, people in the good, a little bit of everything to make the moment a wonderful time. Despite the price of your order, do not hesitate to contact us.

Now let’s talk a little more seriously.

I leave in Belgrade on Thursday 10th August, where I have been already for 3 months now (yes, it passes quickly and it’s been a long time since I did not pedal), to attend the baptism of my friend’s child, To then repair directly on my road. I intend to pass through Bulgaria (where I have an abandoned spot that is worth a detour), Greece and then Turkey where I have to join Marcin, my Polish comrade met on the road!

Being at home, I took the opportunity to acquire a drone (the DJI Spark more precisely), in order to have new shots in my future videos, more in order to have more freedom to admire the landscape so To make you travel in my own way.

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