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Day 169 – New wheel, indeterminate break, bricklayers

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been in the same place, in the house of one of my former comrades, where I am with his father and brother.

Together we are building the wall on the side of the garden, the stairs as well as the terrace. I’m in charge of making the plans so that I can do it all.

The neighbors being on vacation and having the only wifi point in the area, I had not internet for a few days, but considering the work to be done here, it is almost impossible to do nothing of the day.

Luckily I had the time to download a new series that I am currently looking at, called “Genius” which traces the past of Albert Einstein, passing by his numerous conquests, his theories concerning absolute relativity but also Its actions during the war.

Another important point, I have a new rim! Because yes, I had to change my rim because the old one was veiled and that was the perfect opportunity since I am here for an indefinite period. So I went to a bike shop in Belgrade with Branis‘ brother, to facilitate exchanges (since I do not speak a Serbian word except the word “beer”). Luckily, it did not cost me much because they were able to reuse my old rays and my old cassette. We’ll say it’s a good thing!

Now I have several possibilities concerning the continuation of my trip which depend on the event that I attend at the end of the month in Belgium: Tomorrowland.

Yes, I am in a “stalemate” somehow, not knowing and not able to predict where I would be by then, I think I will stay here until the end of the month (allowing to participate in the implementation of the Terrace, for example), but above all because I have a safe place for my bike and my business can take a flight safely.

I will finally be able to spend time on my blog and make articles about the countries that I have not done for a while (the last one goes back to Switzerland).

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