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Day 78 – Repair break

This article is written by doing 3 € off package, not having wifi.

What happened over the last three days? A lot of things I want to say!
Already, as expected, I had my WarmShower, Marcin, with whom I am still today!

When I left Wroclaw, I thought I had the best day since I left, except for the fact that I had wind from the front all the day until my meeting point with my host. Initially we had planned to meet in Zabkowice Slaskie, but eventually it will be a little further, in Cieplowody where we will pedal together to the old house of his grandparents and where his brothers are waiting for us.

I was welcomed as a member of the family and I like it! So, I have the chance to take a shower, but also to have a laundry for my laundry! For the continuation of the evening, it’s barbecue in entrance and main dishes for the suite with obviously alcohol, besides a little too much to the point of not remembering the rest of the evening.

Result of the day: 75 km

The next day many people know it, but it is even more unlikely when you are in my situation. So day to do almost nothing until 11 o’clock, where we eat a traditional soup and full of other things.

For the afternoon, I left Marcin in the vat, while I was cycling around the area with my host Bike Partner Grzegorz. I was able to admire superb views of the region but also of old quarries.

For the evening we went all three to Zabkowice Slaskie by bike and enjoy the wonderful weather that was offered to us. They made me visit the city, especially the famous sister of the Tower of Pisa, Krzywa Wieza but also the old castle, the city being an ancient fortress.

Once the visit was over, we let Grzegorz go home to go to Marcin’s parents. Tomorrow we have my bike to check.

Result of the day: 15 km

Today is a very soft day, under a rainy day with only one objective: to see what’s wrong with my bike. Prior to that, Marcin prepared a great breakfast of eggs and onions.

Indeed, for some time (it seems to me before arriving in Berlin), I found that I had a serious problem with the second tray of my bike, which jumped without stopping when I force a little too much on the pedal. So with my host, we spent most of the day in the garage to correct the problem. We have up to buy a new channel to be sure that the problem does not come from there, morality: no difference and email sent to the monster builder to find a solution.

For lunch, we ate with my host’s mum who cooked us a great dish which unfortunately I can not remember the name, but that was great!

For information Marcin plans to do a world tour, with almost the same route as me, we will try to find ourselves later on the road if we get there! So I really want to thank him for the welcome and everything else.

Tomorrow I intend to go with my new friends to Srebrna Góra to admire the old military fort of the city to continue a little further to make an abandoned castle. I should arrive tomorrow in the Czech Republic to get even closer to Prague.

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