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Day 75 – Small pause longer than expected

Wroclaw being the first and last big city I would see in Poland during my trip, I decided to extend the time I would spend here. Sure enough, I spent five days here instead of two initials. Are you going to tell me why? Because I just want to.

So I could make the city up and down. I managed to find a guide that allows me to discover the city and its history, which I would like to thank. I stayed three nights at a CouchSurfer, to discover even more people. I can inform you about us about our first night together, to the point of not even remembering about the returned trip. For tonight I was able to taste the famous Zurek w Chlebie” which is actually a piece of pain filled with soup with eggs and sausage.

In the meantime, I have also started another project which you will hear shortly.

For 3 days I did not have enough to wifi, which made me totally explode my data on my two SIM. I am currently at 77 € off package on my Bouygues chip and no idea on the free chip, it will be the surprise close. Tomorrow I intend to join Zabkowice Slaskie, about 70 kilometers from my position where I normally have a WarmShowers waiting for me.

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