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Day 71 – Camping, very small break, purchase of the day

From camping, finally!

Before we talk about it, let’s go back to our last two days. Before last night I slept at Serby at my second CouchSurfer from my Poland. I came across a small family, where I did the honor of being their first (and I do not hope the last) CouchSurfer. Thanks to my host, I learned a lot from the country, but also tasted two new local beers. As a bonus my clothes were clean! I thank them again because I had a great time.

For the next day (yesterday), I stayed a little longer than expected, because we visited two churches and a few abandoned houses. In the afternoon, after eating at my hosts, I headed for Wroclaw, arriving near Lubin where I camped for the third time!

I wanted to make something for myself to eat but I had the laziness that ended up in cereals.

Result of the day: 38 km

Today was a long and great day. For starters, a very gentle awakening. I had so much trouble getting me out of my down that I only left after 9am.

Then, after a few kilometers I noticed that I forgot something: my famous plastic sword that I had in Mainz. Always on the way, second loss: my chapka. There I turned and I was lucky to find it 500 meters back.

For this evening I am in Wroclaw where I intend to stay one more day in order to visit the city, because it will be my biggest city in Poland before arriving in the Czech Republic. Before arriving at my host, who is a friend of a friend of a friend met in the evening, so I thank you for having found a roof for my two future nights, I met a man who has already done A few trips, which made me taste his own weed, just to share with me what he has. As a bonus, he has his brother on the side of Vienna who can host me!

I was lucky to have a great weather today, I was able to remove my coat for the first time and I promise you that it feels good!

Result of the day: 105 km

I took the opportunity to also order a speaker (the EU Roll 2 for information) because after a while we are fed up with headphones!

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