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Day 79 – URBEX, first steps in the Czech Republic

Today was a great day despite the coolness and I did not do the morning alone for once!

In fact, Marcin, my WarmShowers with whom I had been for three days, accompanied me with Grzegorz to the castle which is the cause of my place in Poland (it is not quite true, but at the base though) . As a result, I left the honor to Marcin to do the two kilometers of coast with my bike to see what will endure near and what I endure from the beginning.

Once I arrived at the castle, I left my host negotiated with the guard so that we could rent in the immense castle that is offered to us. After a few minutes explaining that I come from Paris only to see the castle, I had to leave a slight tip in order to be able to pass inside the house. I think we stayed an hour inside considering the size of the place.

After the visit, I left my companions for me in the direction of the Czech Republic, in Broumov exactly. After a few kilometers, I crossed the border and arrived at destination as planned without having accommodation. So I went looking for a hotel to spend the night, but it was with surprise once at the front desk, with the wifi code, but most importantly a 5 minute walk to a room that I ‘ I saw that I received a positive response from a CouchSurfer! So, I sleep warm, I have eaten well and I have wifi!

For tomorrow, I should head to Dolní Adršpach, which will be the place where I would make my first “beautiful” photos of the country.

Result of the day: 53 km

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