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Day 246 – New country

Day 238: Samsun> Ünye

Throughout the day we cycle through the land to save time, where we plan to reach the coast at Terme level where we will stay until Georgia. So, again and again from the highway.

On the way, in Terme, a bus driver gave us tea and where we had as a company a group of 3 young people who were offered a little money and sweets. For the evening, it’s camping on the edge of the beach, where we clean the site which was really disgusting ..

We did however enjoy to bathe evidently.

Result of the day: 85 km

Day 239: Ünye> Ordu

The alarm clock was pleasant with a view overlooking the sea. As usual, we drive kilometers without kilometers. For the evening we will choose the hotel option.

Result of the day: 87 km

Day 240: Ordu> Tirebolu

Always to chain the distances, we arrive at Tirebolu where it was planned to sleep in a camp-site but which finally once on the spot we see that it never existed. Tired of our day, we took the first hotel on the road where we had to fall on the only wifi that does not cross the doors ..

Result of the day: 88 km

Day 241: Tirebolu> Trabzon

Today we are heading for our last big stage of Turkey before leaving. On the way we stop on a beach where we could taste our first products from Azerbaijan. We were able to taste the local vodka but also some vegetables and a superb plant good which I can not remember the name.

For the evening we will go to a hotel where again the wifi leaves something to be desired.

Result of the day: 88 km

Day 242-243: Trabzon

During these two days, we will enjoy visiting Uzungöl, a lake located below the city Of but also to start the process for our Iranian visa. Obviously, the way to do it having changed, we will do so in Baku.

Day 244: Trabzon> Rize

For this day we planned to sleep near a waterfall a few miles before Rize. So, we chased the day quickly to the point of arriving at destination at only 11 am (leaving at 8 o’clock). Once there, we come across a restaurant and a beautiful house at the location of the waterfall. After talking to the right person, we were allowed to put our tent in the garden.

We stay all day, where we eat different dishes to spend the day. I wanted to write this article that day, but we came across the only wifi with a quota ..

Result of the day: 72 km

Day 245: Rize> Batumi

Gentle awakening in front of the waterfall, a very soothing environment. That day was a big day, with a hundred kilometers on the counter with a maximum of 5 breaks to arrive before night in Batumi.

The road was great with almost a plate allowing us to move fast. On the way we use our last rooms in order to avoid having to change the currency once out of the territory. At 2 pm, we are at the border after 110 kilometers. We pass it without any worries even if I had to have to take out my second piece of identification since my photo was not too similar to that of my passport (8 months without hairdresser it changes a man).

For the evening and one or two days, we chose a hotel close to the city center. We were able to enjoy a tour of the city at night, take a tour in a casino but above all drink alcohol without problem!

Result of the day: 135 km

Day 246: Batumi

After a night a little too alcoholic (at least for Imad), we went to visit the city only after 2 pm the time that my fellow discovered. We made the cable car of the city (a distance of 2.5 km) in order to have an overview of the city and the valley gorged with mountains.

Batumi is like we were warned, a small “Vegas” filled with luxury hotels (good there are not 50) but mostly casinos. People here do not like it, so you have to be very careful when you cross the road.

I took advantage of it to cut my beard and mustache lightly because I was tired of having hairs in my mouth.

It was planned to take a bus to Sukhumi, but according to the locals, it is extremely dangerous, so we leave tomorrow by bike to discover other places!

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