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Day 264 – The day when everything tilted

Day 263: Getahovit> Sevan

Through this title a bit to the bite-me-the-knot, this hides a truth still present: the redemption of a bicycle that was not planned. Sure enough, after our little day of rest, and having seen my inner tube exploded, that the day was not going to be quite rest.

After pedaling about forty kilometers, we are stopped in a restaurant that would tip the rest of the day. On the spot, after having eaten and warmed up, Gauthier and I drank a few vodka shooters, a little too many in the end.

Being the only ones to drink at that time, the rest of the group left to get ahead while we continue to drink our glasses one after the other. Being a little too good, Gauthier and I decided to hitch-hike to the initial rendezvous point: the beach near the lake, the biggest in Armenia and the best known. We only waited 30 seconds before someone took us in his truck.

Once there, the time that others arrive, we have a lot of time to kill. So, when we crossed a person who had broken down on the way, we left to help him push his car so that he could restart.

After that we left to rest on a bench time to delight a little.

Shortly afterwards, we went to a restaurant to eat chips where we had to pay 10 times more than the normal price, a real dumplings! In short, once the payment is made, we find the rest of the team.

We give ourselves another rendezvous point and we separate again. On the road I find myself alone where I had an accident with a concrete dick (decidedly after the car, the bike ..), where with the shock I found myself on the ground without moving for about ten minutes and by having broken in addition a bag that I had to carry by hand all the way. A little further on I find Imad in a restaurant waiting for us.

Once the group again gathered, the girls and Gauthier decide to look for a site for camping while Imad and I are looking for a hotel. I had absolutely no head to go camping after the misadventures before.

On the way, the night having fallen and still having my satchel in my hand (and more brakes in the back from Belgrade), I could not brake when the sidewalk of a bridge appeared facing me. Result of this new accident: my frame folded.

The shock brought me new bobos everywhere. Unable to move, I decide to leave my bike to the bridge by hanging it with my lock. I only get the luggage and here I am to hitchhike for the hotel. After 20 minutes in the cold, I found myself in a car that tried to take me to the hotel and was my Canadian comrade, but not finding it took me to another one out of town.

When I arrived at the hotel, I found myself paying 5000 Dram plus my room because I had no liquid on me and he did not take the card .. In short, I go to bed and I spend a horrible night where I have almost slept.

Result of the day: 69 km

Day 264: Sevan> Yerevan

Wake up not smoothly. I feel tired and a little disgusted with yesterday’s day. I have an appointment with Imad at 9.30 am in front of the hotel in order to have a plan but especially since the day before he managed to find me a taxi to take me to Yerevan for only 10000 Dram (about 18 € ).

Before his arrival, I managed to negotiate with the hotel owner so he could take me to the bank for his money. Once the thing was done, I found Imad at the hotel a few minutes later. He gives me the number of the taxi, that the owner calls with his phone in order to tell him to come here, and then leaves to join the others to continue the road by bike.

Five minutes later, the taxi is there. I managed to make him understand to get my bike and put it in the car to Yerevan. 1:30 afterwards, and having repaired a Giant store, I am here.

I managed to negotiate the price after explaining my problem and my trip, where the technician will load this to get the maximum of my parts to put it on my new frame. So I stay here waiting for my comrades to come.

Result of the day: 66 km, by taxi

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