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Day 291 – Change of plan

Day 289: Meerut > Roorkee

To top it off yesterday evening, we had to be asked for visas again, this time if we asked him to go elsewhere and left without asking for our rest. Quickly equipped we leave as fast as we can to Roorkee, the destination of the evening in another hotel, better and cheaper this time.

Always on the fast lane, it is easy and quick to link kilometres. There is no wifi on site and there are still power outages from time to time.

We were lucky enough to finally be able to eat a real and cheap dish in a restaurant on the street.

Result of the day: 112 km

Day 290: Roorkee > Rishikesh

Only a few kilometers after the start, I find myself alone. However, I’m still following the distance that separates us from our “home” quickly, hanging on to many vehicles passing next to me like trucks, tuk-tuks and even motorcycles from time to time!

It’s 2 p. m. and I arrived at my destination, but I don’t know where we have to sleep anymore, so I wait patiently for Imad to be able to ride together at our youth hostel. An hour later, I find out that he’s already there, two kilometers from where I am.

So I go to join him, but on the road I had a face to face contact with a ****** with his ****** motorcycle that didn’t even bother to stop, apologize or anything worth the loss of a finger (I exaggerate, but I can’t even move it and as soon as I make a move I have a horrible pain). After I managed to reach Imad, I explained the situation to him and we decided to go to the hospital the next day, because tonight it is time to drink some beers. At our hostel we meet Maxime, a backpacker who has been travelling for a few months and with whom we have a nice evening.

Result of the day: 63 km

Day 291: Rishikesh

New day. Before going to the hospital we still take the time to have breakfast at the restaurant where we went yesterday which was very good. We also go to the hairdresser for Imad so that he can find his bald head.

We then take a tuk-tuk to join a clinic for my finger. In less than 10 minutes, I came out with medication and an ointment for 0€! We’re going back to the inn so I can pick them up. Once caught, we go out again to visit the city and inform you about the elephant safari. We walk well for 5 kilometers until we reach our destination, which was ultimately useless, the elephants only going out in the evening.

For the future we have several possibilities:

  • Take the train to Nepal, catch a plane from Kathmandu to Kuala Lampur and then go back to Phuket ;
  • Return to New Delhi by bike, fly back to Kuala Lampur and return to Phuket ;
  • Depending on the condition of my hand, return to New Delhi and take the first flight to Paris

In both cases, India has knocked us out rightly and disgusts us more than anything else, taking away any motivation for the continuation and giving us no more pleasure. We really regret coming here rather than flying to Thailand, for example.

We are eagerly awaiting our meditation week (J-2) which I hope will do us great good. I really don’t know if I want to continue the trip, despite 9 months of fun (soon 10) and 8000 kilometers of travel through 2.

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